Who am I?

So you've made it this far, the edges of curiosity  to see what spiel I have to say about myself. 

I did have the standard type of 'hello, I'm Sue and I am a meditation teacher' that could've been written by an automaton. Until I decided to get over myself and just write about me from, well, me.  I hope I don't offend.  All I say is truly from the heart and if it resonates with you and you want to work with me, whether online or face-to-face, get in touch.  And if not?  I wish you well on your journey.

Here I am.

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me + my wee dog, writing a meditation workshop, December '17.

I am a human being that gives a damn.  About people. About our planet.  About our existential nature.  About our callings.  Our lives, from the sacred to the profane.

I want to make the world a better place, in my own way, in the best way I can.

I am still learning.  I will always be learning.  Always.

I am a happy, confident introvert.  I rarely force my opinions, but ask for it?  You'll get it in a compassionate and considered way.  But you'll get it, warts and all.

Saying that, I am [tentatively] coming out of my comfort zone to be more vocal and more visible than I have ever been.  It is proving both easier and more of a struggle than I imagined.  Someone recently said 'don't take your brilliance to the grave'.  It struck a chord.  I'm truly trying to embody that philosophy. I have so many ideas.  So, so many ideas, but if they stay in the ether, well, here and now, who benefits?  Beyond my busy, busy mind (one of the reasons I meditate).

I hate failing, real or perceived.  I am learning to embody a compassionate stance with myself which incorporates the human imperative to fail.  For without failure, how can we possibly succeed?  And what is failure beyond something not going a pre-determined way.  I have strived for absolute perfection [no, honestly, it doesn't exist] and it has been that strive for perfection that has stopped me straddling my own greatness.  My own potential.  Chipping away to get things perfect simply results in chipping away.  It's different from refining or smoothing out rough edges.  And in honesty, who doesn't enjoy the odd rough edge here and there? 

I love my family fiercely, dearly, deeply.  My family includes my non-humans.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will see more pictures of my dogs and sunsets as a rule.  But I'm down with that.

Holding my own fears with tenderness and compassion, here I am.

So how do I bring all of me, my complexities and idiosyncrasies together?  

I meditate.

 Years and years of personal practice, research, study, a professional qualification.  or two.  or more.

What you get when you meditate with me is a heady and healthy blend of the basics - guidance on breathing, posture, tools and techniques.  What makes if unique?  I share with you my own practice, what I do to keep me balanced, connected and the ability to re-centre when life serves up the odd curve ball or two.  Will meditation help you?  Maybe.  Probably.  Want to know more?  Click the button below.

Much love

Sue x

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It doesn’t come to stay bonny lass, it always comes to pass
— my glorious, incredible, wise, strong Grandma, dearly loved, never forgotten