What is bodywork?

Bodywork is an umbrella term to cover therapeutic practitioners that work with the body. the Oxford English Dictionary defines bodywork as 'Therapies and techniques in complementary medicine which involve touching or manipulating the body.'.  Bodywork feels a comfortable, non-pinning-down fit to the way that I work, as I usually dip into my wealth (ok, years) of of experience and training to the fore, which gives for a knowledgeable, technically grounded, intuitive way of working with the body.  This is what you an expect to find in an experienced and professional therapist who has a mastery of their craft.

Why bodywork?

Bodywork  is simply amazing.  There is nothing better than a good massage.  That feeling of connection, of flow, of release, giving your aches and pains some respite, feeling parts of your body long since forgotten about because, well, life.  I love bodywork.  I regularly have bodywork, because it is important that I practice what I preach.  You know, integrity and all that.  Having a practitioner work on your body, be in tune with its aches, its story and helping release what is no longer needed to be stored in the body is beyond words.   

We live in crazy-busy times, where down time is filled with stuff to do.  And more often than not, we take our body for granted until it can't do what it is that we want it to do.  We are so busy living life in our heads, fleeing about from one place to the other, that we just forget, or we don't have the energy or resources to get ourselves back into alignment.  Bodywork is one way we can do this.    Whether it is through remedial deep tissue work, or bringing in essential oils with aromatherapy, a bit of reflexology, or a mix up of them all, ahhhh, it's simply divine. 

Bodywork massage therapy is an age old phenomena, and provides far more than simple physical relief of discomfort, as wonderful as that is.  The wellbeing benefits of massage are well documented, and little can deny the therapeutic qualities a good massage can promote.   Massage, like meditation, is something you need to feel, to experience, to understand just how fantastic it feels.  Whilst we can hold the understanding that massage is good for us, the embodied experience, how it actually feels, well, that's something else entirely. 

What types of bodywork are available?

I am qualified in a range of bodywork modalities listed below.  My approach is to combine the best form of bodywork therapy designed around you.  Simply put, we can do some remedial work around your neck and shoulders, but we can also do some head massage and we can add in some essential oils.  When you book a massage with me, you're getting me and all my experience, not a basic schema depending on the label.

Remedial Advanced (Deep Tissue) Massage

This type of bodywork is typically when you need deeper soft tissue work to relieve a niggling area of discomfort or tension.  

Aromatherapy Massage

I'm a qualified aromatherapist and will happily create a blend to suit your needs.  This type of massage is associated to a more 'relaxing' stance.  I disagree, I believe that aromatherapy can and should be used in whatever presentation you come along with.  I wrote a number of aromatherapy pieces for Neal's Yard Remedies Edinburgh, feel free to have a mooch through

Swedish Massage

Seen as a general-purpose massage.  Developed in Sweden.  Go figure the name.

Indian Head Massage

This massage focuses on your upper back, neck, scalp and head.  Think of  the scalp as the tourniquet for your tension - releasing the tension in your scalp gives space for the rest of it to unravel too.  It's a deeply relaxing, therapeutic massage.  

Thermogenic stones (hot stones to you and me)

Using hot basalt stones to generate heat and relaxation.  A lovely addition to a massage therapy in my books.


Reflexology is a clever, intuitive system that works on particularly points on the hands and feet which are associated to different parts of the body.  It is a wonderful and relaxing session, and can allow for work to be done on areas that feel too tender to be touched directly.  

What will happen during my bodywork session?

Before you have your bodywork, we'll have a chat.  This is formally called 'consultation' time where you'll fill in some paperwork and then we'll talk through an appropriate approach for your bodywork session based on you.    After the initial consultation, the magic happens.  I am a bit precious about what I use during my sessions, as you'll have come for a therapeutic experience, and you'll not get that if crappy oils with lots of chemicals are nonsense are used.  So I don't.  I use oils sourced from ethical suppliers without parabens or preservatives. 

I really do appreciate that coming from bodywork can be a slightly vulnerable experience, especially with a stranger, so I'll do my best to put you at ease.  If you're not sure, why not come along for an initial chat, or even book a telephone appointment and we can talk through any concerns or queries you may have.  Honestly, I'd much rather you were happy and felt safe and secure.  Drop me a line or give me a bell if you wish.    

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself!

How do I book? 

The bodywork booking system is currently being restructured, so your best bet is to drop me a line or give me a call.


Any other questions?

Please, as ever, get in touch or ring 07891 259842 if you were interested or wanted to discuss this in more detail.  

Concessions are available, please ask.