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Life is busy and full. Make a little space for inner peace by downloading our gorgeous meditations for tranquility on the go.

About our downloads

Our downloads are a family affair between myself and my gorgeous, talented daughter Emily.  They are created with love and done in such a way that they are accessible and affordable. They are labours of love and harness years of practice, study and knowledge distilled for you into beauiful, from the heart meditation downloads.

Each of our downloads are around an hour in length and are yours for only £7.50 (which is roughly $9.99).

"the meditations you download are all recorded in our home, mixed, a bit of magical technical wizardry (Emily) and uploaded all by our fair hand.  As such, there is an earnest authenticity in the work that we produce.  Maybe not as swanky as a mass produced audio, but we are quite literally involved at every stage of the process.  We truly hope you enjoy, and would love to hear your feedback.

                                                                             -  Sue and Emily x


stillness meditation download

stillness meditation download

Stillness. a meditation download

Stillness is a beautiful compendium of guided meditations, supporting you on your journey to drop deep into your own stillness.

Through a collection of beautiful meditations, explore your own stillness and depths guided by me, wholly realised by you. Let me help you make peace and sit in companionable stillness with yourself.

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and breathe guided meditation download

and breathe guided meditation download

'...and breathe' meditation download

After being asked (and asked!) to record some meditations from the lovely folk who have shared meditation with Sue,  our very first meditation recording download '...and breathe' is now available.  With just over an hour of guided breath-based mindful meditations,  the meditations are a great support to your practice, whether you are brand new to meditation or are a practiced meditator.  

To buy, simply click on the link below and then you will be guided to a download link to get your copy of the recording.  

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