Meditation, my approach


I breathe.





Life Sustaining.



I am fluid.  Some days all I do is breathe.  Some days, I follow my thoughts on their random, bounce all around the globe type of journey.  Some days, I feel my body from the inside out.  Some days, I connect to my ancestors, my strong crone ancestors.  Some days, I drop down deep into yoga nidra.  Some days, I do it all.  Some days, I just breathe.

I love meditation.  It gives me a sense of space, I feel expansive, I feel my breath deeply, widely, unbounded and free.  Life has a habit of getting in the way of living.  Minds get cluttered all too easily.  Meditation helps me know myself, even when I doubt myself, and although it isn't a magic wand, it provides the space for  insight, for awareness,  peace, balance and tranquillity to emerge.  It isn't always pleasant and fluffy, there aren't always silver linings to my clouds at times (they take a while to show up sometimes), and it can feel, well, a bit rubbish.  What's the good of insight if you feel immobile to deal with it.  But, giving yourself space, time, compassion and allow the 'negative'* emotions to flow, well, you're letting all that shit go and opening space to presence. 

* for the record, I don't believe any emotions are good or bad, they just are.  it's what we learn and understand from them that is the real point.

So why meditation?


Life is incessant.  Obviously.  But sometimes we are so busy doing life that we forget to experience life, to feel life and to know us and our place in it all.  I believe meditation gives us a better understanding of who we really are beyond all the crap and nonsense that can fill us all.  It's not just the connection to the self, by simply breathing properly, we are getting full and oxygenating breaths, we're quelling our vagus nerve (the little blighter responsible for the fight/flight/freeze response).  It also improves our sleep, boosts our immune function and generally helps us feel better.  Meditation gives us an in to know who on earth we are without trimmings or trappings.   From this, what we find is strength + vulnerability, centredness, balance and resilience.  For something so simple, its effect is profound. 

My approach.   

I don't belong to any school or religion or philosophy or organised whatever when it comes to meditation.  I truly believe meditation is such an individual, unique and organic practice that I love the way that it can flourish and grow naturally.  My own practice and teaching shave been massively shaped and influenced by practices in Daoism and Buddhism.  I see the benefits that come from scientific study and evaluation of meditation and share those with students.  But lets get one thing clear from the get-go.  You can read as much as you like about meditation, whether from scientific journals or the latest tomes on Amazon.  And that's wonderful, but means nothing unless you drop into your own personal practice.

The foundations of my practice are breath-work based, so that's where we'll start.  The breath is the bridge between our thoughts and the rest of us.  Guiding us back into our whole selves is a profound practice in and of itself.  Then we'll go wherever we will go.  There are so many different practices, from loving kindness, compassion, gratitude, body awareness, visualisation, heart-space, Nidra, silence - the beauty of going with the flow will have you submerged in a wonderful world of you.  



You can meditate in person with me at any of the events or classes I run, or you can book a session with up to four people for a uniquely tailored session.  Or if that proves difficult logistically, I have downloadable meditations available to buy.  I am currently writing online meditation courses, so you can sign up to the newsletter if you want to be kept informed of their progress.  And if you want to support a wonderful meditation community via the world of apps, check out Insight Timer where I am a new contributor, with plans to upload regular meditations over the coming months.  Al the links are available below, whether it is an in-person session, downloads or app-based.  Happy meditation journey, from this old loving heart to yours.  

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What others say:

Sue's meditation classes are - like Sue herself -  friendly, down to earth and unpretentious. No need to sit around crosslegged going "umm" (unless you want to, of course!). No need for special clothing or attitude, just turn up, sit down and let Sue's gentle voice and kind heart guide you to a calmer space. I've been meditating regularly with Sue since 2014, a time when panic attacks and anxiety overwhelmed me. Without a doubt, meditation helped put me on the road to recovery and it is testament to Sue's ability and technique, that she can relate to every single person in her group, and help them gain the peace of mind they desire.  Yes, there are other meditation and mindfulness classes, teachers and techniques.... but there is no-one quite like Sue.

Meditation: what a revelation.

I was first introduced to meditation by Sue. What an amazing revelation. My life has been hectic for years so to learn how to breathe and meditate to slow my life down and be in the present is just wonderful. I can't tell you what a difference this has made. I am now so much more aware of people and the world around me than I ever was before. Thank you Sue for your knowledge, experience and definitely your enthusiasm for bringing this to life for me.  



Sue is so welcoming and her meditation sessions are so relaxing. I have always had a busy work life which can be so mentally demanding but after experiencing Sue's calming influence at her sessions I have found an inner stillness. Her down to earth approach and wonderful soothing voice has helped me no end. 
Just learning about breathing has made a huge difference to me and I would recommend meditation with Sue to anyone who needs to find an inner peace and calm their frantic mind.