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I love what I do, I am so damned lucky to do my thing.  Here's a handful of feedback from some of the beautiful souls I have had the pleasure and joy to have worked with over the recent years.   

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"Sue's meditation classes are - like Sue herself -  friendly, down to earth and unpretentious. No need to sit around cross legged going "umm" (unless you want to, of course!). No need for special clothing or attitude, just turn up, sit down and let Sue's gentle voice and kind heart guide you to a calmer space. I've been meditating regularly with Sue since 2014, a time when panic attacks and anxiety overwhelmed me. Without a doubt, meditation helped put me on the road to recovery and it is testament to Sue's ability and technique, that she can relate to every single person in her group, and help them gain the peace of mind they desire.  Yes, there are other meditation and mindfulness classes, teachers and techniques.... but there is no-one quite like Sue."

- Glenda

Sets a new standard!
I’d been to many of Sue’s meditation classes, so with some trepidation I thought I’d give her bodywork skills a bash. Needn’t have worried, she soon put me at ease and it was quite an experience to mix mindfulness with the massage. She located and worked on areas of stressed, knotted muscle in my back/shoulders. Breathing in healing attention to these areas and breathing out the feeling of releasing the tension as she worked on them definitely helped. As a result I’m beginning to develop an awareness of areas that I have been tensing up subconsciously in response to daily life situations. Sue’s almost empathic in her bodywork skills, she just seems to know intuitively where to focus on. Definitely coming back for more! Thank you so much!
— Andrew
Sue is so welcoming and her meditation sessions are so relaxing. I have always had a busy work life which can be so mentally demanding but after experiencing Sue’s calming influence at her sessions I have found an inner stillness. Her down to earth approach and wonderful soothing voice has helped me no end.
Just learning about breathing has made a huge difference to me and I would recommend meditation with Sue to anyone who needs to find an inner peace and calm their frantic mind.
— Angela
Thank you for a beautiful afternoon, led with compassion and clarity. Your voice and tone is very calming and kindly. It was just what I needed, more than I expected, and full of sincere enablement. Thank you.
— Rebecca, February 2015
You are gifted in presenting this challenging area of personal development. Your warmth and spirituality shine out and nurture everyone. Restorative and nurturing - thank you so very much
— Anon
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Meditation: what a revelation.

I was first introduced to meditation by Sue. What an amazing revelation. My life has been hectic for years so to learn how to breathe and meditate to slow my life down and be in the present is just wonderful. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made. I am now so much more aware of people and the world around me than I ever was before. Thank you Sue for your knowledge, experience and definitely your enthusiasm for bringing this to life for me.
— Linda,
I thought I’d had a massage before, then I had one with Sue. No words can explain just how incredible it was. An amazing, unique, relaxing experience. Everyone should have one.
— Susan

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